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Travel all around the world with name, from the comfort of your home. Nate brings you further with innovative technologies that allow him to push the boundaries of live-vlogging travels on Twitch.

Who is Nate Explores?

A traveller

My name is Nate and I'm 31 years old, but online, everyone knows me as Nate Explores, or "les explorations de Nate" in french and I'm currently cycling around Southeast Asia live on Twitch - for the first time on the platform!

A community

It's an increasingly engaged community of over 5,200 unique users who now accompany me on ever more incredible adventures.

An adventure

From laotian caves to the craggy mountain peaks of the Malaysian islands, from the rice paddies of Vietnam to the 4,000 islands of southern Laos, I attach great importance to offering a vivid, visual and interactive experience during my livestreams.

Angkor Temples exploration

February 2024

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What makes Nate unique



I utilise the most innovative technologies available, enabling me to deliver 1080p and 30 fps, even in the most remote areas of the world.



I love travelling, but above all want to share it - which is why I started to stream my travels, and then specialized in adventure.



We can't stress this enough, but streaming is above all a human adventure, shared with people from all over the world - that's what makes it so authentic.



Adventure brings risks, which I like to take. Far from me to put myself in danger for no reason, I still want to take the community further.

Asia by Bicycle

The idea of crossing part of Asia by bike started from a simple observation: traditional travel doesn't allow us to discover everything that's hidden between touristic destinations. Therefore, in may 2023, I have decided to leave everything behind, and started touring Taiwan in august. This first test was a great success, both in terms of statistics and community feedback, so the project moved on to Vietnam. More than 7 months later, over 5,000 km have been covered, most of them live on Twitch - a world first in this part of Asia.

Southeast Asia

7,000 km - since november 2023
553 h streamed
4.5 Mio minutes viewed by 45,500 unique viewers

We've now been riding through Southeast Asia for over 10 months, and every day is a new and unique adventure.

For the first time on Twitch, some of the most beautiful landscapes in this part of the world are presented on Twitch, to the delight of the community. Although this brings many more technical problems than in Taiwan, mainly due to the extreme weather conditions the equipment I use has to contend with, we were able to cover more than 7,000km across Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and north-central Cambodia. Thanks to the freedom of movement that the bicycle gives me, we were able to discover many points of interest such as Phong Nha, the 4,000 islands of southern Laos, the temples of Angkor - and all this for the first time on Twitch.

In the coming months, we'll be back on the road to discover central Laos, southern Vietnam, eastern Cambodia and much more. Overall, more than 16,000km will be covered on this project.


1,400 km - from august to october 2023
175 h streamed
2,05 Mio minutes viewed by 18,046 unique viewers

It was after a last professional mission in Taiwan that I decided to set off by bicycle to discover this island that is too little known to the general public.

After more than 1,400 km through mountains and tea fields, I'm proud to have been able to present this unique island to the community. During this journey, I had the chance to camp on the shores of sumptuous lakes and the summits of uninhabited mountains - places no one had ever livestreamed before. I was also lucky enough to share in the beauty of the Taroko valley, one of Taiwan's most emblematic places. Apart from some small technical problems, this early part of the trip was a success both in terms of statistics and community feedback.

Following these two months of streams, many people in the community have expressed their desire to travel to Taiwan, to discover this island outside the limited vision that the TV news likes to share.

Nate's other important explorations

This is not Nate's first attempt - almost a year's worth of exploration preceded the Asia by bicycle project. From Borneo to Ho Chi Minh via the Datun volcano in northern Taiwan, Nate has proven his ability to push exploration to the limit on platforms, while offering a visual and interactive experience.

Volcan Tatun, Taïwan

Datun Volcano, Taiwan

14,528 minutes viewed
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Vang Vieng, Laos

Vang Vieng, Laos

344,537 minutes viewed
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Batu Caves, Malaysia

Batu Caves, Malaysia

65,753 minutes viewed
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Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

172,831 minutes viewed
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Langkawi, Malaisie

Langkawi, Malaysia

114,706 minutes viewed
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